“Vision is not a certain mode of thought or presence to self; it is the means given me for being absent from myself, for being present from the inside at the fission of Being only at the end of which do I close up into myself.”

Maurice Merleau-Ponty

Artist Statement


My current work engages the process which involves working with observation, resulting in relentless revisions and adjustments on paper, as well as inward looking in the studio, responding to the daily necessity to express the artist’s feeling. It is both the discovery and the creation -- rather than reflecting a pre-existing truth, it is the act of bringing truth into being. It is also relevant to my concert in the continuum of art  -- in today’s globalized climate, what is our relationship to “tradition”, which is a huge shadow but at the same time a great shelter for us? How can we develop the diversity and vibration of our society without diluting the culture?

Grew up in China where landscape is not only a mean of poetical expression, but also a greater being than us, namely, human, and studied visual arts in the western culture which was deeply rooted in the Greek sense of human values, I took landscape as the point of departure and have been navigating the sea of visual experience in search for the real dimension of existence.

I think a remarkable sense of our being is experienced through space -- of our being able to process the spatial tension in a contemporary, individual system of visual interpretation. In my recent series, it is reflected in the purposefully and actively use of a small brush on large-scale surfaces in drawings; the complex and elusive structure created by mirrors in installations; and intense battles between “moving” and “being moved” in the performance-- with the sense of walking the tightrope between visual dynamics and pandemonium.